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19th July 2024 
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Counselling and Psychotherapy counsellor based in Benfleet, Essex, covering Southend, Leigh-on-sea Basildon and surrounding areas.

*********** Now seeing clients in person. Sessions can also be undertaken by video or telephone call. Over a decade of experience. ***********

Thank you for visiting my website. My clients over the years have described how difficult it can be to first admit they need to talk to a therapist and then find someone they are prepared to talk to. I hope to alleviate this difficulty and answer any questions that you may have about counselling in the following pages. Whether you require therapy for yourself, as a couple or for somebody else this website will attempt to give the reader a comprehensive outline of the counselling or therapeutic process. If you are uncertain about any of the areas I cover or have further questions then please call me or email and I will be happy to answer them for you.

An initial telephone consultation is free and there is no obligation to book an appointment.

I am a registered therapist and member of The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and adhere to this professional body's Ethical and Practice Framework. My approach is integrative which means that I am a qualified counsellor who can use different approaches that help both of us to further understand you, your individual needs and issue/s. You might not be aware, exactly, what the issue is but know that you don't feel right or do feel lost. Sometimes just one session is enough to allow your concerns to be put into perspective.

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Therapy takes place in a private and quiet residential area in Benfleet, Essex, a location ten miles from Southend-on-sea and five miles from Basildon. My practice is approximately one and a half miles from Benfleet railway station, is close to major bus routes and also has free parking. A toilet is available for client use.

I have previously worked as a therapist and counsellor at an agency in London that specialised in abuse and associated difficulties such as anxiety, depression, anger, guilt and relationship problems. My clientele were from different ethnicities, cultures and backgrounds.
For the last 10 years I have worked full-time in private practice.

I offer one-to-one (face to face) individual counselling and couples counselling for adults and older adults. Daytime and evening appointments are available.

Appointments can be made from 6am to 8pm Monday to Friday. Appointments at the weekend are not available.

The therapeutic relationship we build together is vitally important. Within this relationship change can begin and evolve from us working together to expand your own self-awareness connected to your issue. This can gradually bring you to experience and embody worth, meaning and harmony within your self and in your relationships with others.

As a therapist I offer a genuine and non-judgemental empathic attitude. This helps to encourage a deeper understanding for both of us to explore your difficulties and to address them.
Sometimes you may not be clear why you want to speak to a therapist. It could be that you just know that "things are not right". Talking to somebody who is independent from you can quickly enable or "kick start" your own clarity and understanding to take place.

Many of my clients have commented on how much better they feel after just one session. It seems that in outlining their issue to me as a counsellor or therapist allows them to truly listen to themselves and begin their own healing process.

Client Testimonials

The following clients have given their express written permission to share anonymised information about their experiences of therapy with me.

Going for therapy for the first time was the hardest step. After that the rest was easy. After my first session with Anthony, he had already helped me to retune my outlook. I was having difficulty coming to terms with some big fall outs in my family and had become entrenched in a bottomless pit of questions making me become resentful to others close to me and the resulting negativity was beginning to take its toll on my marriage. Anthony helped me move on from feeling sorry for myself, to become outward facing, be a better listener and concentrate on the positive aspects of life. I am now as a happy as I can remember being. It has been an empowering process as demonstrated now by an almost automatic ability to listen and help others. Anthony is very professional, an incredible listener and I could not believe how much detail he was able to recall from previous sessions. I will go to Anthony again if I ever needed further guidance and would certainly recommend him. Thanks Anthony.

B, Leigh-on Sea.

From the start Anthony made me feel so comfortable and I found it easy to open up about things I'd never told anyone. He helped me from a place of depression and anxiety to the best place I've felt for years. The tools he taught me are constantly helping me to understand myself and feel better and I'm so appreciative of his help.

E, Benfleet

I had been suffering from deep depression, stress and anxiety and didn't know why. Anthony is very kind and understanding and allowed me to talk about myself and the relationship that I was in. I was able to look at myself in a different way that showed me I could be more honest with myself. I now suffer less from depression and I am able to be happy in life and my relationship.

F, Southend

Anger seemed to rule my life. I didn't know this until I started therapy and began to talk about my stress and worries. I cried in the first session but I was not uncomfortable and didn't feel silly. I had tried another therapist before but couldn't talk about how I was towards my partner. The sessions that I had allowed me to get passed a hurdle and see the glass half full. Sometimes it is up to the top and overflows!

D, Canvey

Anthony helped me through a very difficult time. I could offload my problems and worries and really talk for the first time about my abuse and the trauma I experienced when I was younger. He is one of those types of people that you can talk to as though you have known him all your life except he doesn't tell you what to do. Thanks Anthony for helping me live again.

J, Basildon.

I wanted to thank you for all of your time, support and empathetic attitude and positivity throughout therapy. I feel the happiest I've been and so settled in our new home, a few anxious moments but I now feel like I understand them, I go with it and they pass very quickly! My medication has also been reduced by half over the last few weeks and I feel great.
Again, thank you so much for all of your help, it is greatly appreciated by me and the people close to me.

P, Leigh-on-Sea

I was a bit skeptical at first as I did not know what to expect. I soon found myself talking about things that I hadn't really spoke about before. It seems unusual that just by talking I could come out and stay out of my depression that I had suffered for years. I wish I had seen you earlier.

G, Canvey Island

I hadn't cried like that before, I felt so embarrassed but Anthony allowed me to feel what I wanted and gradually helped me to name and understand my feelings. This helped me to take control and not rely on others.

S, Rayleigh

After about three sessions I was able to talk about something I have only spoke to my doctor about. I was told by my doctor that I had penile erectile dysfunction. I did not want to rely on medication so I started therapy with Anthony and was able to look at my psychology that was causing really anxious and embarrassing moments with girlfriends. Talking about me and my family growing up has almost entirely got rid of my original problem. Thanks once again.

L, Benfleet

My practice covers the surrounding geographical areas of Benfleet, Basildon, Leigh-on-sea, Canvey and Southend .