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19th July 2024 
Keywords Definition. rightset

Keywords Definition

Sometimes we build barriers that stop us from understanding ourselves.

Sometimes these barriers can be just words.

Behavioural - physical activity, responses to our environment or simply what we do, our body movements.

Cognitive - our thoughts, mental activities involved in acquiring and processing information.

Existential therapy - a philosophical approach based on the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality and existence where individuals can be understood in terms of their existence and the choices that they face.

Person-Centred therapy - a non-directive approach where the therapist's attitude and qualities encourage the client to develop their own inner resources to address their issue.

Psychodynamic therapy - places an importance on the unconscious and how past experiences shape current behaviour.

Mindfulness - a non-judgemental way of paying attention, in a particular way, to purposely stay in the present moment. Staying in the present routinely invites the client to accept thoughts and feelings as they arise to gradually reveal a deep calm and tranquility already within them.

Counselling - shorter term therapy - often 12 sessions or less - not really exploring ones unconscious in-depth.

Psychotherapy - longer term therapy - often 12 sessions or more - I have been seeing some of my clients for over 3 years. This type of therapy allows for fundamental changes to take place within the individual.